GPS tracking systems

Tracking Application

Tracking Application

Being present at every place all the time with everybody, we care about is not possible. However, latest technologies as GPS tracking and smart phones have made tracking person and vehicles possible.

Nowadays, almost mobile devices come with the technology of GPS tracking systems is available in the market. Mobile devices integrated with GPS tracking helps in emergencies.

Mauria venture an IT based company with a strong base as a software development company in India. Besides, offering core software development services, this company also develop tracking application.

The technology of GPS known as Global Positioning System, allows tracking a person or a vehicle for location, time, and speed with directions.

Special devices for GPS tracking have become an obsolete tool. Mauria venture uses specific technology to develop vehicle tracking system, keeping in mind their client’s need.

We at Mauria venture develop different types of tracking application. However, we have developed GPS vehicle tracking application for many companies in the past.

With help from our application it becomes easy to find a vehicle’s exact location on the road. This application not only shows the location but other info like what it is loading, how much, source, location and etc.

The tracking application makes it possible to constantly monitor the cargoes that vehicles are carrying.

Monitoring the vehicle in real-time is possible and you will be able to see the location on the Google maps. The option to archive the tracks on maps is there to let the user view later sometime.

Our team of professionals is profound in developing a variety of tracking applications.


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