Mobile Application

Mobile Application

Technology of mobile devices and never stays same, it keeps evolving at high pace. With each coming day, new technology advancement is seen in mobile and tablet applications. Mauria venture a technology-based company has been in the field mobile application development for a long time.

The team of Mauria venture has good hands in developing customized and interactive application for mobile devices like Smartphones and Tablets.

Mauria developers are extensively exposed to mobile technology. They are capable enough to develop embedded mobile solutions, mobile application and programming for most of the popular platforms.

List of applications developed in the past is:

  1. Enterprise Digital system (EDA)
  2. Personal Digital System (PDA)
  3. Global Positioning System (GPS)
  4. Tracking application
  5. Gaming applications
  6. Tablet application
  7. Augmented Reality

We at Mauria work to produce robust and smart app that take the mobile platform’s performance at a higher level. Technologies like Native Apps, HTML5 Apps, and Hybrid Apps are used in the development process. Moreover, the mobile application contains such features and functionalities that optimize working ability and output mobile device. In the past, Mauria has served many organizations all over the world to develop different value added and value for money applications. These applications are designed according to business orientation of client. The product includes every focused services, solutions and functions that client has asked for.

The platforms for mobile application are:

  1. Android
  2. windows
  3. iPad/iPhone
  4. PALM
  5. Blackberry
  6. iOS
  7. Symbian OS
  8. J2ME
  9. Windows CE

We promise our clients following key benefits of Mobile application design:

  1. The app in designed such that it is capable of planning, forecasting and scheduling.
  2. We develop the app with intelligence that helps in strategic business decision-making.
  3. If required by the client we also include comprehensive accounting and taxation solutions.
  4. To manage the working of an office via the mobile application we integrate routine business operation and management handling.
  5. If the application handles critical information, we focus on making a reliable, secure, dependable and portable one.

Besides, focusing on mobile applications especially for business purpose we are into developing of gaming and social networking apps, looking at the rise in demand. The platforms that very much popular among users of mobile devices are iOS, Android, and Blackberry. Nowadays, people like to share content online a lot therefore our focus is on content sharing at time of development. Our experience in development of mobile application along with mobile application testing is broad.


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