Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Social media channels were made initially to for people to socialize with friends and family in the busy world. In no time, everyone had a profile from young kids to their grandparents. This is when social media surpassed generation gap.

Now, social networking sites have emerged as one of the strongest medium for promoting businesses. It is very vital for business to be present in the social media. The presence on different site for social networking provides broader ways to interact with their customers. Organizations that are not present or inactive on this part are losing out of the competition.

The reasons are very evident why Social Media Optimization (SMO) is heard so much, lately. People share their opinions, insights, experiences, and perspectives with their friends and family. However, now these website are involved in driving traffic to a website and search engines are not the only sites that pull traffic. Marketing on social media has become has become a necessity for business willing to promote themselves online.

With new technology updates and addition of fresh components in the field of search engine marketing, it has become extremely significant to implement right kind of strategies.

Mauria venture is one such IT based company providing SMO services in India and other parts of the world. The team at Mauria has found appropriate methods to spread their client’s site, easily. Reaching the projected audience becomes highly probable Social media marketing.

SMO taking a stroll up with high velocity and has become significant but ignoring SEO is not an option. Google and Yahoo are still the leaders in driving traffic to the sites. We encourage our team of SMO to discover new ideas and bring new thinking in their work. Earlier when social media channels were launched it as thought that they are here to start a rage among the youngster for socializing with strangers.

When twitter was launched, no one thought in will reach the number of 500 million users but it did. People look forward to social media for reading helpful information posted on them.

Our team focuses on following insights:

  1. To optimize the site they apply changes to increase back links
  2. Each search engine has a custom search engine makes any link more visible
  3. Include the URL of sites in relevant posts like blobs, articles, pod Cats, etc

We promise to put our best efforts as a SMO company in India for the betterment for our client’s business.


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