Offshore Software Development

Offshore Software Development

Offshore software outsourcing development is not a single – handed process. It includes a lineup of inputs commencing from definition to designing ensuing development that effectuate in deploying it in relevant field.

We at Mauria Ventures Ltd. firmly believe at converging in diverse fields of methodology. We provide both, complete as well as modular, application impromptu personal needs.

We at Archimedes Business Software Solutions provide solutions to their problems whether it is creating databases, significant or enhancing business processes, building new applications, updating databases or extracting design information from present applications.

We work in all focal areas like presentation, activity-based estimate and profitability solutions, budgeting, forecasting, reporting, and many more. Our team is prompt in delivers and is committed in helping you get worth from your stats.


The defining is done based on specific requirements and cost effectiveness. Defining includes the feature list, test plans and cases module delivery schedule.


Proper document layouts and report format are prepared for prognostic test plans and cases. This ‘System design’ forma the main phase of Offshore software development.


Development juncture comprehends the coding and testing of the various modules. Progressive test are made to check the stability of project.


This software is more helpful for analysis our business process related to employee and organization This system is generated for standard organizations in U.S and India both.

This software is supported by Mauria Ventures Ltd. Organization is able to Create Pension plan Apply System. This software also helps to manage the holiday plans for employees and calculating tax.


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