Book Keeping & Financial Services

Book Keeping & Financial Services

Book Keeping & Financial Services

Bookkeeping demands the documentation and maintenance of an organization's account dealing with all the expenses and all income. It facilitate in filing taxes, securing funds easily, managing credits efficiently, planning systemized cash flow, budget and forecast avoiding penalties, controlling stock and identifying most profitable customers and products. We, at Mauria Ventures Ltd., do not just proffer a range of bookkeeping services, but will also create a dynamic business association with you. Our bookkeeping solutions are custom-made to meet your requirements.

Our software also stores information on other aspects of your business such as payroll, inventory management, invoicing, banking, customer accounts and credit management.

Our Primary areas of bookkeeping and financial services are:

  1. Accounting data entry- involves data entry of all the transactions being performed regarding financial matters.
  2. Accounts receivables and payables – work involves from whom we receive and to whom we pay.
  3. Preparation of ledgers -every party has a separate ledger which shows its position, ie whether we have to pay or receive.
  4. Bank reconciliation -tallying the account of the party with bank passbook.
  5. Preparation of financial statements - according to the data’s entry of transaction, ledgers is created according to financial statements like trial balance; profit and loss accounts and balance sheet.
  6. Auditing- checking of all the vouchers by esteemed auditor.
  7. Payroll Processing Services- we use computerized payroll-processing software’s to prepare payroll and payroll tax returns. We take care of all your required tax deposit. You have the choice of obtaining information through telephone, fax or e-mail.
  8. Write-Up Services- We offer accounting records such as check registers, cash receipts and sales journals, bank statements and other items, to settle your bank accounts and financial statements.
  9. General Ledger Services- It contains all the summary of every business deal and tuning necessary to prepare financial statements and tax returns. We prepare everything you need to maintain up to date and accurate records.
  10. Financial Statement Preparation- We prepare balance sheet, cash flow statement, equity statement, profit and loss statement and all others as and when needed by you.
  11. Tax Preparation Services-We arrange any type of tax return required by your business or personal situations. We plan all returns with professional computer tax preparation software.

We are proficient, practiced, capable, and efficient. Our cost advantage will speak for us. We display extensive expertise in developing software for financial service and offer integrated, modular software and services for developing a service-oriented design at clients pace.We provide cost effective quality solutions. Managing the book keeping and financial services electronically permits you to use, the ample of time thus available, spend more handily.

Hence, if you as businessperson desires to have more control over your finances while also saving money and freeing up more of your time, do pay a visit to us!!!


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