Application Test Plan

Application Test Plan

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For testing any developed software, the strategy used describes a test plan. The application test plan includes all the steps that will be performed during software testing.

The things that are a part of application test plan are identification of the hardware, software, and tools needed for testing. Mauria venture is expertise in offering complete cycle of testing services to its clients. We offer both manual as well as automated testing services.

The first thing we accomplish while preparing for the quality assurance is to write a test document. The test document acts like a tool that helps in managing and maintaining the software quality assurance process. The team of software testers at Mauria venture is profound in accomplishing testing tasks and has up-to-date knowledge of their field. The even produce excellent test documentation.

After the document preparation, our teat moves towards creation of a test plan. Mostly, the test planning includes specifying of scope and objective for testing execution and describing of methodology to be used.

The test plan includes:

  1. Scope: In the scope, we describe the current test approach aligning to functions, security, quality and end-to-end testing with priority marked.
  2. Test Methodology: Here the strategy that is to be followed for testing is defined. It includes describing domain architecture, positive testing tool and technology.
  3. Requirements: The resources required in testing are mentioned.
  4. Schedule: Timetable to execute the test plan is made.
  5. Actual testing: does the testing and reports in a pre-defined template.
  6. Test deliverables: test reports generated in every phase of testing is delivered.


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