Computer Based Tutorial (CBT)

Computer Based Tutorial (CBT)

Computer Based Tutorial (CBT)

Mauria venture is an IT company based in India that develops Computer Based Tutorial, which is part of full range of courseware development. While building components of digital courseware we balance the mix of 3D, 2D, audio and flash animation in the apt content.

We develop the CBT for all kinds of business verticals spread all over the world. We have even created educational CBTs for Intel that is being distributed with Intel® CoreT2 Duo processors.

The requirement of the present day community is to build familiar and self-paced boosting learning programs as desired by the community. To fulfill this requirement we built CBT software. The products we develop and deliver are high in quality. These products are very capable of enhancing and making the content attractive, interconnected and captivating.

The prescribed syllabus our clients provide us based on them we develop education CBTs. While emphasizing on visualization, audio and understandability of content we offered web solutions, content development and presentation in exciting and new way to the targeted group.The strategy of instructional design that we use for this type of services lets us to refine our efficiency ultimately results in winning all endeavors.

Places where CBTs work and we use them are:

  1. CD tutorial which are mostly used at homes, class or corporate
  2. Digitization of class tutorial for use in schools and trainings
  3. E-learning system widely to be used in corporate sector

The biggest benefit of using Computer Based tutorial is that access it from any place at any time is possible. The flexibility of schedule that CBT provides both learner and the teacher is happy.


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