Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

Custom software development is one thing that is becoming very popular in whole business world. Traditionally, only few companies were using this but with change in time several changes have occurred in the technology too. By using new ideas, many new concepts have emerged. For the growth of business organization, it has become refined and helpful. In any business, everyday there is a new addition of something. The companies are adopting new concepts emerging frequently and becoming dependent on modes of technology.

The reason behind popularity of custom software is its perfect results. This has made companies wanting to utilize customized applications and gain from the benefits it provides. The need and requirement of every organization is differs from others. Unique and different functions of each organization raise the requirement of specific software that is capable of fulfilling their requirements. In the highly competitive world of business, it has become crucial to customize software.

Mauria venture is a well renowned custom software development company in India. Mauria had deep experience in designing and development of custom application for business of any vertical. In our department of custom software, we use latest software development platforms and tools. The team of Mauria venture put their best efforts to make sure they deliver on time error free and high performing software products. Our experts spend time in meticulously understanding and analyzing the need and product requirement of their client’s business. Before jumping into development, team makes sure that design of customized software reflects the workflow client has asked for.

We have great expertise in delivering tailored, scalable, robust and cost-effective application. Areas where our Custom applications development spreads are:

  1. J2EE Architecture
  2. WSDL / SOAP/ Services
  3. Database design & consulting
  4. Latest .NET Technology
  5. Application Re-engineering
Database technologies are:
  1. Backend - MS-SQL, Access, Oracle
  2. Middleware - COM/ DCOM
  3. Front-end - .NET, ASP.NET, JSP, VB, PHP, VC++, Java
Game Design and Development are:
  1. For web game development Lingo and Action Script is used
  2. For designing Director is used,
  3. C, C++, Java,
  4. Open GL,
  5. For Mobile Game development Mophun is used,
  6. J2ME/Java,
  7. Flash
  8. For game programming Direct X is used,
  9. SYMBIAN/C++, BREW/C++
Web Technologies are:
  1. HTML, DHTML, Flash MX, ASP, JSP
Desktop application technologies are:
  1. C, C++, Java, Open GL
Multimedia Technologies are:
  1. Macromedia tools - Flash, Director
  2. Adobe tools - Photoshop, Illustrator and Premier
  3. 3D Designing tools - 3D Studio, Maya
Platforms and OS are:
  1. Windows, Linux, UNIX


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