Courseware Development

Courseware Development

Our courseware manual helps instructors to run technically advanced classes. We ensure to tailor courseware manual to instructors need. The courseware manuals developed are all-inclusive and entail least additional support.

Some salient features of our courseware manuals are :

  1. Modular in organization, that allows browsing from one lesson to another easily.
  2. Provides sound teaching and understanding with advanced level content.
  3. Can be used by individuals for self-study or as class teaching materials.
  4. Contains both informational material and practical exercises.
  5. Has the best blend of animation, modeling, material, light and content.

Our courseware are meticulously designed and vigilantly developed, with a touch of creativity and animation to make learning more interactive and user friendly. It stimulates.

The growth of an average student by providing him materials in a simple and precise style.

To keep pace with the ever-evolving developments, we persistently work for betterment and advancement. Our Help Desk provides non-stop help to those who want to connect through e-mail or by telephony.

We have developed courseware manuals for NIIT(we wrote on video shoot a complete documentation.

Nortan Parental control, parental control, rozio video editing tool) We wrote content on internet as business, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Fundamentals of Computer, Computer Based Tutorial, Bookkeeping and Financial Services, Basics of Computing, Internet Tutorials.


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