SharePoint Branding Services

SharePoint Branding Services

Making any intranet website using SharePoint, will not mare solve your problem? Whenever SharePoint is installed in an organization, the first activity required is creative designing and SharePoint Branding service, no matter how underrated these are. Mauria venture is one SharePoint services company offering branding and designing services.

According to the existing site topology or the project template of clients, we customize the SharePoint systems. The creative feature includes active directory integration, security privileges and a huge store of list and libraries, which make it very dense. The process of branding service is closely knitted with the implementation process of operational and default workflows in addition to integrating the present data source and channels.

Mauria venture is a single stop shop, for organizations, which are in search of SharePoint Web Part Services. The SharePoint WebPart team at Mauria is always buckled up and ready to help their clients. Our team of experts has deep knowledge of designing and is always ready support the growing business of client. We try to design spectacular themes and customizations for our clients as per the impression of the company. SharePoint professionals pay attention towards incredible detailing, bring successful result and providing consistent service throughout the course of work relation with client.

Mauria venture is highly qualified to work with variants of internal intranets and MOSS Portals. As per the instructions given by our clients and their connivance we, design is completed. We do not tamper the original design of our client’s site theme. In addition to the site, we just include previews of how designing done by us will look.

Mauria venture extends its services of SharePoint branding:

  1. We convert the existing client’s website for theme and Master Page development
  2. We develop layouts, Web Parts and Custom Themes of clients website
  3. We offer development for customizing SharePoint UI controls
  4. We align branding strategy while implementing SharePoint in client’s organization
  5. We integrate social network in SharePoint website

The prime motive behind SharePoint Branding is to make your site worth identifying and linking the success of your business with it. We leverage image of clients for it success in future. We strongly recommend our clients to get the right look and feel for the style and branding of client’s company. To make a strong impact of client’s business we suggest SharePoint system.

We promise to offer you best in class SharePoint web services.


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