Our Pillars

Our Pillars

Mauria Ventures Ltd. stood in three enviable pillars of Mission, Vision and Values. These three inseparable pillars have helped us withheld any issue and able to define the future course of action. Our energy, investment, attention and commitment maintain these pillars for a durable and profound growth. And we grow by knowing ourselves through our mission, vision and values.


Mauria Ventures Ltd. as an organisation has a well chart-out mission to pursue. With time, we re-examine and refresh the mission, our founders had carved ! The very existence of Mauria Ventures Ltd. relies on our mission to provide the best service.


Every step, every move we have been making is being guided by a crystal clear vision. The vivid, meaningful and realistic vision is the biggest motivation for simulation - exploration and curiosity. We see the world of opportunities swinging side ways without ever being noticed. And it is our firm believe, that we will be able to capture these opportunities in the earliest. Our vision is to be a leading IT Solutions provider by the year 2006. This is what keeps us moving forward relentlessly.


Values imbibed by the Team SCMS has enable the organisation to survive the challenges and demands. No matter, how much we stick to our mission and how realistic our vision, our values let these attributes combine and produce the best out of us.

We know when two or more persons join together to work, there will be chances of individual preferences coming out. But everyone here can relate their personal vision, values, and mission for a combine and productive output. We let every individual to participate in building the organisation. It allows our members to exchange ideas and make decisions on the organisation and its mission, vision and values.


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