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In the field of software testing Mauria venture an IT based company has very vast experience. We follow a five- step testing methodology, which aids in minimizing the project risk and streamlining test releases. The testing commences by developing a comprehensive test plan. As mentioned in the test plan page, the test plan consists of criteria for different general functionalities. These criteria are along with specific requirements and for number of platform combinations.



Testing planning includes the following tasks:

  1. The requirements are collected, analyzed and specified
  2. Preparing test plan, test scenario, test cases and getting them approved
  3. Checking if the automated testing tools is appropriate or not, selecting and conforming tools

We follow the IEEE Standard to carry out test plan on basis of it for Software Test Documentation (IEEE Std 829-1998) and other industry specifications.

Harnessing preparation and selecting test environment

In this stage, we create test scripts and test automation framework design and development is made. Among the large set of testing equipments, system software and web middleware we select the suitable one. This process ensures the proper testing environment is created and it decreases the time for testing configurations deployment, essentially.

Execution of testing, manual or automated types are:

  1. Functional
  2. Bug and functional regression
  3. Load / Performance / Stress
  4. Compatibility
  5. Usability (GUI)
  6. Configuration
  7. Localization
  8. Documentation

For every type of testing mentioned above we have approaches, testing tools and reporting document templates pre-established. Black/Gray/White box, scripted and Ad Hoc/Exploratory are different types of testing techniques that we follow.

Reporting, analysis and bug fixing area part of test reporting

At this stage, industry made bug-tracking devices like Jira, BugZilla are used. These are online tools which lets both the managers and It specialists of customer side to work in coalition as a single big team and it ensures the comprehensive customer’s control.

Final reporting and Analysis

At this stage, the testing software is analyzed for defects and recommendations for improvements of it are made. Following this process of its development takes place.


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