Health Care

Health Care

Leading Hospital Management System solutions provider catering to the needs of major departments of hospital like Outdoor Patients Department, Indoor patients Department, Operation theatre, laboratory...

Mauria Ventures Ltd.’s Hospital Management System (HMS) is powerful, flexible and easy to use software. It has been designed and developed by software professionals who have a proven track record of excellence in this field.

HMS has immense benefits to hospitals and clinics. It enables hospitals and doctors to better serve the patients. It improves the quality of patients’ care and increases nursing productivity.

HMS reduces the time spent by staff filling out forms, freeing resources for more critical tasks and helps hospitals to control costs incurred by diagnosis related groups.

HMS can manage all the major departments and branches of a hospital like Outdoor Patients Department, Indoor Patients Department, Operation Theatre, laboratory, medical store etc.

To manage the hospital and clinics, we provide softwares on Financial Accounting, Payroll, Appointment Scheduling, Housekeeping, Equipment Maintenance, Duty Roster etc.

Mauria Ventures Ltd. also develops software for other health care services. These softwares’can work independently like Billing, Payroll, Appointment Scheduling etc.


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