Manual Testing

Manual Testing

Software testing engrosses operations on software under proscribed conditions to evaluate its results. Testing implies to detect the bugs, the correctness, completeness, security and quality of developed software. Manual software testing involves manually interacting with application, stipulating key in's and observing outcomes. Merits of manual testing accounts it's easy going to learn and work with.

We as software manual testing unit in India have high experienced QA testers. We provide SQA services that work in areas of functionality, compatibility and localization.

Mauria Ventures Ltd.’s manual testing services includes testing like Unit Testing, Ad-hoc Testing, GUI Testing, Positive and Negative Testing, Data Integrity Testing, Link Testing, etc.Our manual testing covers the need for performing vulnerability tests . We conduct vulnerability tests and the functions associated with the various tools that are available for conducting the tests are.

Our procedures are:

  1. Creating Test Plans, Test Cases
  2. Detailed analysis is made by determining specific objectives.User Interface Testing
  3. Compatibility Testing
  4. Configuration Testing
  5. Functionality Testing
  6. Product Specifications and User Documentation Review
  7. Provide Detailed Testing Status

Multimedia Testing:

We provide testing for multimedia applications using a variety of sound and video configurations on a range of platforms. Our test lab includes many benifits .

Key Benefits

We do onsite as well as offsite testing,saving your resources for other important tasks. We work on a project basis We provide a thorough, top quality testing effort, ensuring your product's release readiness.

Testing Focus:

  1. Product stability
  2. Product usability
  3. Product performance


We execute tests to verify that your software runs properly and without defects on each platform requested.

Testing Services:

  1. Multimedia title verification, including
  2. Installation and set-up testing
  3. Compatibility Testing
  4. Software/hardware compatibility and configuration testing
  5. Test plan development
  6. Functional testing
  7. Interface design and usability analysis
  8. Network applications

Besides software testing we provide website testing ,cbt testing,shopping cart testing,and other web related products testing services.


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