At present, Multimedia

floats in the scenario, when companies need to communicate effectively and to advance their products and services for unparalleled business success.

Multimedia presentation includes text and visuals together with pictures, graphics, diagrams, photographs, videos, flowcharts and other medias.

Mauria Ventures, Noida is a software company that deals in multimedia presentation. Our multimedia presentation has a leveled mixture of simplicity and style.

We ensure that our interactive multimedia presentation development is technically approved and logically formatted with graspable opening, planned body and an apparent conclusion.

We have quiet an experience in the fields of developing CBT, Animation Development ( 2D animations, 3D animations), Multimedia Designing, Catalogue Design, Layout Designing, Product presentation as well as Corporate presentation.

We have a wide pool of talented architects who build engrossing, conducive, efficient and best quality CBT's, 2D animations, 3D animations, Catalogue Design, Product presentation and Corporate presentation.

We use almost all the packages like Microsoft Power Point Presentation, Hyper Studio, Macromedia Director for multimedia software presentation visualizing the functional needs or the target users.


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