Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click

For instant traffic on a website, Pay per Click (PPC) is the best way until date. There are multiple ways for increasing traffic towards website, of which some of them are free and some are paid.

PPC helps to get immediate traffic and generates significant amount of sales too. SEO and Pay per click advertising both the activities should run parallel for a website. The website that gets huge traffic is likely to get more leads.

Google’s Pay per click is a type of internet marketing modal that is implemented for website’s advertisements on search engine and other websites. In PPC ads, one can place their campaign on top of a search engines page and if it gets clicked advertisers has to pay for it.

There are two variants of PPC, one is pay per impression and other is Pay per click. Pay per click advertisement is one of the most prevalent ways of internet marketing. All the ads of PPC are placed at the top of relevant search results page.

This increases the visibility of the ad among users who can click the links to visit the landing page. Whenever a search phrase matches a keyword of the ad, it is displayed besides the sponsored links.

We at Mauria venture have a team dedicated for PPC management. There are several search engine sites providing this service. However, most renowned ones are:

  1. Microsoft adCenter
  2. Google AdWords
  3. Yahoo! Search Marketing

Every search engines that offers PPC has its own set of procedures for publishing ads on their pages like bids placed on the keywords. To avoid any fraud case the search engines have taken all the measures required to protect advertisers from any kind of loss.

Our team at Mauria is aware of the set of procedures search engine sites have, which makes them profound in working for PPC.

Mauria ventures have been providing IT solutions to wide variety of clients of different industries all over the world. In past few years, for clients of ours we have done promotion of their brands and products.

We provide PPC services individually and with SEO services also. We are known for offering excellent service at affordable prices. PPC team is at Mauria is fully equipped that is they are aware of the techniques new or old and have experience that is necessary for promoting a business online. We promise to offer and suggest only the best for your business.


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