Data Migration Solutions

Data Migration Solutions

Mauria venture offers robust data migration solutions to its clients. If any business wants to migrate, its data from the existing Microsoft SharePoint server setup to its latest version, they should pick a promising company.

Mauria can successfully migrating calendars, lists, events and libraries without missing even its single attributes. Generally, when that data is migrated from previous version to the latest version the process does not run smooth as it has several complications.

The issues raised because of these complications are unique and strongly influence company’s strategies and it can generate various risks.

In this situation, the understanding our SharePoint developers have of each concept has proven to be helpful as it avoids all the obstruction caused during the time of migration.

The process that Mauira follows for migrating data to 2010 version is described briefly below:

  1. Analyzing client’s business and previous solution in detail In the first phase of Data migration process, our teams of professionals collect all the information about the client’s business and the solution it has been used at that moment. Later, our team provides complete consultation about the client’s previous solution if or when necessary. In addition, they provide guidance on getting a new solution implemented.
  2. For new platforms planning of changes and new adjustments The skills and experience our team has made one thing very clear that during the implementation of new solutions or Migration of database to new platform few very specific complexities occur. Therefore, we inform and recommend our clients about pre-planning in advance if any configuration or new adjustments are needed in existing data or application of the client’s previous server.
  3. Data Migration to 2010 version of SharePoint Once, our team devises the planning of Data on migration completely and we are fully satisfied with it, we start gathering suggestions from the client side. We believe that client’s suggestion can improve the method we have developed for Data migration service. Only after learning and considering all the suggestions for the client end, we start the IT migration service. Nonetheless, the success rate of migration depends on factors like volume of data, complexities and others.

According to the demands of organization on client side, we customize our exporting of data service and we have relevant amount of experience for the same.

This offers clients the flexibility to sort out their data, effectively. Our prime aim is to respect clients need and requirements.


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