Agile Software Development

Agile Software Development

Out of real life experiences of developing software projects Mauria ventures grew out with Agile development. Leading software professionals at Mauria faced challenges and limitations of traditional waterfall development that accompanied with projects done in past. This Agile methodology is our approach is direct solution to the problems that come along traditional software development methodology. This affects both in terms of philosophy and in terms of specific processes.

The methodology Agile in its very basic form provides a framework that is helpful for the client as well as for Mauria’s software developers. It lets the software to evolve the functional and technical landscapes aspect wise. This also aids to maintain a focus on delivering rapid business value to our clients. However, the focus and added benefits of Agile IT development makes us capable of reducing overall risk that is associated with software development to a significant level. Usage of Agile methodologies perks up the delivery cycle of required business value. This process enables developers to continuously plan and send feedbacks. This ensures that value of project is realized throughout the development cycle at Mauria ventures. This method of plan and feedback lets us and our clients align the software to be offered with desired business needs. Adopting any number of changes in requirement throughout the development process is made easier with this methodology.

Agile methodologies include several terms and elements that are:

  1. FDD (Feature-Driven Development)
  2. XP (Extreme Programming)
  3. Agile Modeling and Unified Process
  4. Scrum
  5. DSDM (Dynamic Systems Development Method)
  6. Lean Development
  7. Crystal Clear
  8. Kanban
  9. Essential Unified Process
  10. GSD
  11. Velocity tracking
  12. Open Unified Process

Both client and our developers are able to get visibility that is more accurate of the actual progress of project. The outcome of the agile process is a project that addresses the business and customer’s needs largely. Benefits of this methodology are:

  1. Offers useful and simpler system for customer collaboration
  2. The rate of delivering high-quality software application including specific business logic get increased
  3. Making changes with ease is possible because of flexible arrangement
  4. Finding project requirements gets easier
  5. Execution of right solutions during project development gets easy
  6. Executing latest trends in the global market is developers aim
  7. We also offer customized software solutions
  8. We keep adopting advanced tools and update at regular intervals
  9. For challenging business tasks our developers find appropriate IT solutions
  10. We are not able to handle more complicated projects
  11. Understanding clients needs has become a compulsory process
  12. The business ideas and strategies are used in a well-organized compartment


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